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ENMAT – Our metering, monitoring and targeting solution


ENMAT is an energy metering, monitoring and targeting solution developed by Envantage. It provides powerful data management applications for your energy, carbon, water, and compliance needs.

As a cloud-based system, ENMAT provides automated analysis of energy consumption data from any number of sites, which users access via a single online portal.

ENMAT handles data from fiscal energy meters as well as sub metered data across electricity, natural gas, heat, steam, water and compressed air.

Combined with its broad range of built-in analysis tools and customised dashboards, this translates into a powerful energy monitoring and targeting solution with multiple applications and benefits.

Above all, it is a cost-effective system based on effective principles. We will install only the hardware components and software editions that you require in your business, building upon your existing equipment and practices.

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ENMAT Applications

ENMAT provides a solution to many common tasks in energy, carbon and compliance management. It is used for the following applications – and more!

Energy reporting – Graphs showing daily, weekly, monthly and annual consumption patterns for your site, area or processes.

Carbon reporting – Automated carbon emissions reporting based on energy data, for example for the CRC scheme.

Renewables monitoring – Generation output reports from on-site installations such as Solar PV and biomass.

Electricity supply check – Assessment of site maximum demand and power factor against acceptable limits.

Energy budgeting – Energy running costs per site or process, and predicted billing ahead of the next supplier invoice.

Eligible energy reporting – Energy consumption by eligible and non-eligible areas, for example for CCA reporting.

Equipment alerts – Alerts in response to spikes or dips in energy consumption by specific equipment.

Tenant billing – Automated consumption summaries for billing of tenants.

Multi-site and multi-utility management – Combining of energy data and invoice libraries across multiple sites and utilities.


Talk to one of our consultants today if you are looking for a metering, monitoring and targeting solution. We can advise how ENMAT will benefit your facility and provide estimated costs.


ENMAT Features

Thanks to ENMAT’s powerful and flexible design, we are able to create bespoke cost-effective installation that meets your unique requirements.

ENMAT fits around the equipment and systems you already have in place in your facilities, so that you can avoid unnecessary expense; we will install only the components that you require.

You can also select the ENMAT software version that best fits your needs. Unlike many other systems, this means that you do not pay for a range of features you won’t use.
ENMAT is a fully costed solution with the following key features:

  • Single Provider Solution from installation to software
  • 24/7 automation with personalised dashboards and alerts
  • Monitor electricity, gas, heat, steam, water and compressed air
  • Developed by accredited UK energy engineers
  • Lifetime solution with free software updates
  • Bespoke implementation tailored to your site
  • Compatible with all Industry Standard Meter outputs
  • Fully integrated with other BMS and aM&T systems
  • Cloud based software with access via PC, tablet or mobile
  • Runs off any onsite IT network (cabled or wireless) or independently using 4G


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