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ENMAT is Envantage Ltd’s flagship Monitoring and Targeting Software. We are based in Manchester, and cover areas such as Preston We provide UK customers with the ideal solution for energy monitoring & targeting needs.

Envantage, based in Manchester, offer a bespoke Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) service to enable organisations to save energy and cut costs.  The use of our powerful platform means that we can deliver a comprehensive solution and we are able to make it completely bespoke to satisfy your unique requirements.


Preston Energy Monitoring and Targeting Software systems

Aimed at industrial/commercial SMEs and multi-site retailers, the Envantage M&T service utilises the latest in metering and monitoring technology, to obtain a full picture of your energy usage across single or multiple sites. Combining this with a detailed understanding of your energy needs, our energy management consultants are able to identify opportunities for consumption reduction, and quantify savings already achieved.

Envantage eliminate the need for expensive in-house expertise and resources, and we will  provide a dedicated Envantage consultant with knowledge of your specific business energy needs. We will supply a fully hosted M&T system to collate the relevant consumption data, and then present this data in a bespoke format that is useful to maximise potential energy savings for your organisation.


Energy monitoring and targeting (M & T) is an energy efficiency technique based on the standard management axiom stating that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. M&T techniques provide Energy Managers with feedback on operating practices, results of energy management projects, and guidance on the level of energy use that is expected in a certain period. Importantly, they also give early warning of unexpected excess consumption caused by malfunctions, operator error, unwanted user behaviours, maintenance errors and the like.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting Manchester The foundation of M&T lies in determining the normal relationships of energy consumptions to relevant driving factors (production thoughputs, weather, available daylight, etc.) and the goal is to help business managers:

  • Identify and explain excessive energy use
  • Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly lower than would usually have been the case
  • Draw energy consumption trends (weekly, seasonal, operational…)
  • Determine future energy use when planning changes in the business
  • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy
  • Observe how the business reacted to changes in the past
  • Develop performance targets for energy management programs
  • Manage their energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost that they have no control over


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