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If you’re an Energy/Carbon Management company that wants to provide an affordable Monitoring and Targeting Software solution to your customers please contact us today.


Our partners work in the same industry as us, so you can say we are very familiar with the services our Partners offer and the types of customers they have. Our primary business focus is Energy and Carbon Management Consultancy  and we work with a number of bodies/organisations such as the Carbon Trust and The Energy Institute


Many Energy Management solutions have been developed by software companies that do not understand the Energy/Carbon Management Consultancy industry like we do. As we understand fully what Energy Managers need, consulting directly with customers, but also with partners/resellers, we have been able to produce an energy monitoring system that satisfies the industries’ requirements for relating energy management data in a way that is useful and both meaningful to users.


Because ENMAT is a cloud based software platform it allows us to combine energy consumption from multiple sites, even if they are not in the same country.


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