Agricultural Energy Management

ENMAT provides effective Energy Monitoring Solutions for the Agricultural Industry.

As energy becomes a larger portion of a farmer’s operating costs, farmers  can cut input costs, maintain production, protect soil and water resources, reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, and save money by implementing conservation practices that promote energy conservation and efficiency, which ultimately saves money.

ENMAT has a number of rural energy monitoring solutions, such as 3G data logging metering options to satisfy requirements for rural sites with little or no internet connectivity.

Energy Efficiency in Farming

Energy Monitoring is the first step you take to reduce energy bills. Carrying out an energy audit on site will help to establish any potential savings that can be made by changing behavior.

Farmers use about 46,000kWh of electricity on average every year, costing almost £5,500 and producing around 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Farmers have already made great strides in reducing energy use. Horticultural, pig and poultry producers have cut energy use per unit of production by between 20% and 30% over the past 10 years. By doing so they have benefited from a discount on Climate Change Levy of up to 90% – and farmers could see more of these initiatives in the future.



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