Facilities Management Services


Energy Monitoring Solutions for Facilities Management Services

ENMAT provides affordable Energy Monitoring Solutions for FM Facilities Management Companies.

The ENMAT Energy Management Solution provides organisations with the ability to manage their energy usage on single or multiple sites.


If you’re a Facilities Management company with an Energy Management project then contact us today!

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Energy Management BMS Integration

Our range of services means you can integrate ENMAT at many levels. ENMAT are continuously developing seamless integration solutions with BMS (Building Management Systems)


Tenant Billing Software

Tenant Billing Software

ENMAT’s Tenant Billing Software provides organisations with the ability to accurately divide utility costs between tenants.



Smart Meters

ENMAT has a wide range of metering solutions from main electricity and gas incomers to Sub metering .



Data Loggers

Our range of Data Loggers are designed to make it easy and safe to measure energy consumption, and to record the metered data from all kinds of utility meters including electricity, gas, water and heat.



M&T Software

ENMAT Software is tailored to your needs. We have a wide range of Energy Monitoring Solutions such as  Electricity, Gas, Renewable Energy, Water, Carbon reporting, Climate Change Levy, Alert Management, System Integration, setting Energy Targets and many more!

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