Hot tapping equipment


Hot tap saddles








For each installation point, you need the right saddle. The exact outer diameter is important to select the right saddle. For suitable hot tap saddles, ask the ENMAT team.

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Hot tap drill

hot-tap_500-300x199 HOT-TAP-DRILL-CASE_5001-300x199 HOT-TAP-DRILL-CONTENTS_500-300x300





The hot tap drill is the universal tool to install your insertion flow meter in any compressed air system. In only 30 minutes you can drill a hole and install your flow meter. Using a hot tap saddle and a hot tap drill, you can create a new installation point without depressurizing your installation

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ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter


The ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter is the ideal compressed air tool enabling users to perform air audits quicker, easier and more effectively.

The meter comes with a Modbus output allowing easy connection to an ENMAT data logger for reporting to ENMAT Cloud Energy Management Software.

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